<3 a narrative game about time-traveling home <3

an ode to taipei, lost friends and my former selves


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
Author✧.* hellodri *✲☆
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withbitsy
Tagsartgame, Bitsy, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, poc-made, Queer, Sci-fi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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life changed!!!!! everytime i fly back home, I have the same thoughts as I ride the MRT back to 北投。This game mirrors my mix of feelings in such a tangible and relatable way.  Beautiful music, beautiful reflections. A salve for my trans heart. THANK YOU FOREVER <3

thank you for playing!!!! :')


Loved a lot


Included in my compilation at 19:18

Thank you for making this nice, pensive, and personal game. Made me think a lot about my home in Hong Kong that I had to leave recently. Hope you're doing well and moving forward!


thank u for creating this, it felt like a warm hug


this brought me to tears, but in a good way. playing this game made me feel like i was back in taipei for a few minutes, and brought me a sense of peace that i didn't know i needed. thank you.


this game really resonated with me. thank you for making it & sharing this experience.

Dri this is amazing. The music, movement, motions, every new space was really special to experience. I felt completely immersed in your words and world. Thank you!!!

thank you so much for playing and for these kind words zoe <3 i'm so glad you enjoyed!!

Ahhh this was so magical and special! Really resonated, makes me think about my trips back to taiwan too and swirling thoughts of diaspora, place, home, family, change, etc!!

omg i am so glad u connected w it :') that means so much!!!

Really loved the concept, atmosphere, and aesthetic. Such a beautiful piece <3

thank you !!!

So beautiful, thank you for this


thank you for playing! <3

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this was so lovely!!! the ending especially honestly made me wanna cry a little - some of those final words will stick with me for a while, i think. and the art and music are both so gorgeous!!


thank you so much!! couldn't figure out what to write for the end for the longest time, very happy that it resonated :')

What a lovely game!!! I really really enjoyed this <3 the music was so on point and the colors were amazing

thank you so much <3 spent a long time choosing the music and colors glad it worked well!!

oh man. oh man!!! this is gorgeous! lovely color and composition in every scene, and i loved those lil comic-esque memory interludes. i really enjoyed playing this

oh man, thank you so much!!! very happy you enjoyed :)

i'm not sure why, but this made me cry. thank u for letting me experience this, it was beautiful. xoxo

thank YOU for playing & i'm so glad it resonated !! <3

Oh wow, this was so cool! The music really added a lot.

thanks so much!! <3

What an awesome first bitsy! I really enjoyed all of the various scenes/bitsy environments and, most importantly, how you used them to tell the narrative. Wish I could've enjoyed the yummy green tea yakult from Coco irl ;_;


thank you!!! so glad u enjoyed , sending a virtual coco drink your way ^_^