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Very beautiful. Very often I think about all the things we could learn by contemplating rats, some of the considered more miserable beings, but I find them transcendental. Specially since, perhaps one year ago, I could watch for long a rat contemplating her own mirror reflection in the entrance door of the building next to my previous home. Few days later, one people of the street tried to scare me by holding  a rat corpse very close to me. 

And some years ago, I used to ask permission to pass by the sidewalk, every day at the same time at night  (because most of the time one rat could cross my path there)

Very beautiful. I love the thought that we learned to sit with each other after death from fungi. All plants are descended from one plant that sat with a fungus to learn about the chemical ABA, without it, they would just leak all of their water out. We probably have learned something similar from fungi.

I played this today at the Now Play This exibition in London and wanted to say - it was super cool!! I was really happy to see a Bitsy game there and they had an arcade style controller set up as well

oooomg THANK YOU for telling me what the setup was like, i wasn't able to go to the exhibit myself!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it!!


This game is a poetic experience, which is interesting considering it's about a dead rat. But there is something weirdly soothing in its melancholic premise, aided by its well-crafted visuals.

It's short but compelling. Definitely worth experiencing!


wow, so so beautiful



:-) <3

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i learned about the death positivity movement about two years ago, and i'm so grateful for the things i've learned. thank you for making this <3


ohhh i will look into that! thanks for playing :)


Lovely poem and great accompanying visuals!


thank you!!!