just one of those days

  • use arrow keys to move
  • bump into things to interact!

thanks to the the Bitsy community & my friends <3

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
Author✧.* hellodri *✲☆
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, depression, Mental Health, poc-made, Robots, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Just founds this randomly, and my god, what an unbelievably sweet and earnest little game. I played it twice in a row. In just a few minutes this series of exchanges expressed more about the nature of connection than some novels I've read. Thank you for making this!!

i love it! thank you for creating it! <heart>

i love this! i respond as fast as i can to ppl, but when i feel too overwhelmed, it would take me to the end of the day or the next haha, wonderful game!

Very cute game! Got some undertale vibes going into the <3 at the end, but I guess they'll just have to deal with that later…

What a lovely little experience!!

bruh respond it might be something important

HOT BOT GOSS :3 goodness gracious you've done it again! Excellent lil Bitsy as always, pal! And I just really adore this interpretation of the jam theme... made me reconsider how saucy I usually am to bots for no reason ugh hahahaha! I'd also like to believe they have feelins too.


THANK YOU!!!! u know i bet being saucy to bots is entertaining for them they probably appreciate it hehe

Thanks for the game!

A nice story with an interesting twist! I liked the colors: playful pink and dim black contrasted with each other to create this sort of sad but hopeful feeling. I also liked the transition from mundane blockish smartphone interphase to more unhinged and free dreamlike space.

Reading all the messages was interesting. In just a few unobtrusive lines you've made the protagonist a believable person. That's good writing!


wow, thank you so much! the best compliment i could receive :')

this is so sweet!!! also visually very very nice to look at! love the way the rooms change as the conversation goes on, and i especially love the final room :')

thank you violet!!! <3

This made my day! if only... :)

i'm so glad u liked it!